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FAQs by Children and Young People

What can SEND IASS offer me?

We are a supportive impartial service who can work with children and young people and their parents or carers). 

We try to use alternative methods to help you understand processes and issues you may have regarding your education. 

We can help you to understand your rights. 

We can make sure that adults and professionals listen to your views and opinions and take them into account when making decisions. 

We can help to support you and your family through the Education Health and Care plan process 

What does impartial mean? 

We do not take sides or tell you what to do. 

We provide information and advice to enable you to make your own decisions. 

You have a right to get information advice and support on your own or with parents or carers. 

Is what I say confidential? 

We are a confidential service, this means that we will not usually tell anyone what you have said. However if we feel that you may be in danger then we will share this with the appropriate people 


What is the Local offer?


The Local offer Provides useful information for children and young people with special 
educational needs and their families. Each Local Authority has to provide a Local offer.

You can visit the Sandwell Local offer website at Sandwell Local Offer